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Why choose us..

We respect the fact that we are visitors in your home and behave and address you accordingly.

We abide by the National Code of Practice for Chimney Sweeps and ensure that your chimney is swept in accordance with the Industry Standard. 

We help you comply with your home insurance policy - your policy will typically include specific conditions regarding chimney sweeping. We are happy to review your policy to ensure:

  1. your installation complies with any specific conditions

  2. your chimney is swept at the appropriate time of year

We will issue you with a 'Certificate of Chimney Sweeping' which is recognised by insurance companies.


We are committed to ensuring your health and safety, providing advice on precautions regarding carbon monoxide and how to get the best from your fire in terms of comfort and efficiency while preserving the quality of the air we breathe.

We take the hassle out of remembering when your chimney next needs sweeping - once you are a customer of ours, we will remind you.

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